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Key start Keyless Entry One key Start Engine Ignition System 12V Automatic Engine

Key start Keyless Entry One key Start Engine Ignition System 12V Automatic Engine

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Product function description:
Name: PKE full function one key start
1: Keyless entry
2: Remote opening of the trunk
3: Remote ignition on / off
4: Parking lot search 5: Remote lock / unlock
6: One button start
7: Sound and light reminder
Button Push Start
In disarming status, step foot brake, push the button once, engine ignition to start vehicle. The time of ignition is 0.8 seconds. Release foot brake after ignition succeed, blue ring lights are on.
If engine ignition is hard or too cold, step foot brake, long push the button, engine ignition for 3 seconds, release foot brake after ignition succeed. Do not step foot brake, push the button for 3 seconds, can start vehicle also.
Remote Car Control
Press 'LOCK' once, doors are locked. Siren sounds once. System enters arming. PKE function closed. Long press 'Lock' to remote start stop engine.
Press 'UNLOCK' once, doors are unlocked. Siren sounds twice, disarm the system. PKE function opened.
Support Trunk Release and Mute and Car Finding.
Comfort Entry
A. Engine off, take the remote control 2 meters away from the car, 3 seconds later, siren sounds once, doors are locked, system enters arming. No using the car for 2 days, shutdown the PKE function automatically. B. Approaching car with remote control in 2 meters, siren sounds twice, doors are unlocked, disarm the system.

C.Engine off, press 'Lock' and 'Unlock' for 6 seconds together, siren sounds once, open PKE function; if siren sounds 3 times, close PKE function.
Car Alarm Security Warning
Illegal operation alarm included
Illegal Step on the Brake Alarm
Illegal Start Alarm
Illegal Door Opening Alarm (Q6A, Q6B)
Vibration Alarm (need to ask customer services)
Alarming Method included
Audible Alarm
Turn Signal Light Alarm (Q6C, Q6B)

Auto Central Locking
ACC be on, close door 15 seconds later, step foot brake first time and release it, doors will be locked automatically. When ignition OFF, doors will be unlocked automatically.
In driving status, press 'LOCK' once, lock doors, press 'UNLOCK' once, unlock doors.


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