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Mercedes NTG5 Multimedia Car Video & Camera Interface With HDMI Phone Mirroring

Mercedes NTG5 Multimedia Car Video & Camera Interface With HDMI Phone Mirroring

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Mercedes Multimedia Video Interface with HDMI Input (built in smartphone mirroring ) & Optional SatNav integration with OEM Control.

The new HDMI Link interface provides all of the features of the v4 Multimedia Video Interface however in addition it also offers the following amazing features:

**HDMI Input** (Built In Mirroring)

The interface has a HDMI input which opens up a range of possible connectivity options with the latest digital devices. For example a smartphone can be connected to the interface via a HDMI cable which would allow the smartphone to be mirrored on your factory fitted screen. Giving you access to all of your apps music, video's, web browser, messages etc, as well as all your favorite apps such as YouTube , Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp. There are also a number of apps that are emerging that are designed specifically for an in car use which can all be used via this interface.

The mirroring functionality is built in to the interface so you would not need to purchase a separate mirroring interface unless you wireless mirroring is required.

If you are installing a rear camera the reverse camera image is automatically displayed on a split screen with the parking sensors. In addition the interface will provide you with an OEM style solution with dynamic guidelines which move with the position of your steering wheel.

**GPS Navigation Integration**

The optional GPS module adds a fully integrated Navigation system to your Mercedes system which is also controlled via the original Mercedes Comand Touchpad! It is a fully integrated solution which you can switch to at any time and navigate through the graphical user interface to select a variety of options which in addition to route mapping provides you with USB/SD to play/view music and video files: Simply touch for Music, Video, Navigation and settings.

Your existing features and functions of your original system, radio and screen will continue to operate as normal.

The interface does not replace your existing system but simply offers perfect integration to maintain your OEM appearance.


Compatible with all vehicles with the latest Mercedes NTG5 systems with or without Navigation including the following:

  • C-Class (W205) 2014 Onwards
  • E-Class (W212) 2015 Onwards
  • CLS ( W218 Facelift model ) 2014 2015 Onwards
  • B-Class (W219) 2015 Onwards
  • A-Class (W176) 2015 Onwards
  • V-Class (W447) 2014 Onwards
  • S-Class (W222) 2014 Onwards
  • Watch any video source to your Mercedes screen, including HDMI input for connecting any AV device and smartphone mirroring.
  • HDMI connection allows any smartphone including iPhone, Android , Windows Mobile to be connected via an original HDMI TV out cable to mirror the contents of the phone on the original screen
  • Optional GPS/SatNav module provides a fully integrated Navigation solution on the original screen and controlled via the Mercedes Comand controller
  • 2 additional Composite AV inputs
  • ACC power output for connecting power to installed devices
  • OEM style Rear Camera Integration with dynamic rear camera guidelines which move with the position of the steering wheel.
  • Dedicated front camera input which can be set to automatically switch to the front camera when you change from 'Reverse' to 'Drive' for a pre-defined number of seconds.
  • Switch between Mercedes Display and HDMI Multimedia interface using MB Comand controls
  • 5V USB Power for charging a a range of devices through the interface.
  • The interface can be disabled at any time, for example when visiting an Mercedes Service Center.
  • Comprehensive menu system which is accessed via the Mercedes Comand controls to change settings, system information, rear camera guideline options, Customizable menu system for screen adjustment, HDMI mode settings, front view camera settings, activation settings etc.

The video interface is fitted to the video cable which connects to your screen and is accessed from the back of the head unit. Includes a power cable to connect to 12v and Ground and CAN High/Low. Once installed, press and hold designated button on the Comand controller to switch to the video inputs.

The interface automatically switches to rear camera when the car is in reverse gear, and to front camera if required. Detailed on Screen menu functions allow may settings to be altered.

- This interface is designed for video only
- Audio is provided by connecting the video source to the AUX input (if available).
- If no Aux is available on your car, it may need activating (Sold as Optional Extra - Please call us for more info)

The Kit Includes The Following:

  • Mercedes HDMI Link V4 Multimedia interface with HDMI input and Built in Mirroring.
  • HDMI Sub-Board & HDMI Cable
  • AV cable (2 x AV input, 1 x Reverse Camera input, 2 x AV Output for rear screens)
  • Farkra LVDS monitor cable
  • Power cable
Optional Extra

GPS Navigation Module
Add GPS Navigation to your Mercedes systems and also provides USB/SD card integration controlled via the MB Comand Touch pad.

Aux/Audio to Activator
Activates the AUX function on the original Mercedes system, includes AUX in cable.

DVD Player
Watch your favorite movies all on your factory screen with this DVD player! Specifically designed to work with this interface, giving you a clean factory looking solution for your car.
Universal Digital TV Tuner
Gives you the Digital Tuner you desire with the DVB-T TV/Radio Tuner. A great value for money option it allows you to watch/listen to available Digital TV & Radio channels on your existing front screen navigation unit, in dash analogue TV screen or rear entertainment screens. Controlled via the remote control included.
Universal Rear View Camera
A reverse parking camera to aid you in parking manovueres and easily integrates into your factory screen with this interface. The rear camera input is displayed on the factory screen when the reverse gear is engaged.
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