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xuv700 premium 7d mats

xuv700 premium 7d mats

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  Product Name              7D premium mat

➢ Composition                    Pu Leather

7d mats a car floor covering product. After applying this product on the floor of the car, the look of the car is premium, but by applying it, the dirt in the car is also reduced .Even if there is dirt on your feet, it can be easily removed.5 to 6 out of 7d mat comes in layer but we are shown only two layers of it.

Grass layer

The grass layer sits on top of the pure leather and is easily removed

Grass layer is applied on top of pure leather so that whenever dirt falls on the grass mat fell on So that we can take out the dirt easily because there is a grass layer removal part of 7d mat.

Pu leather

This product is made of leather so that there are three more lying inside.

Leather is the most important part of 7d  mat because leather makes the car look good and it also has a long life.

non woven felt (pu foam)

high density XPE

heavy duty vinyl

anti skid backing

*This product is waterproof
* This Mat Pu Leather is manufactured from the quality of Leather Premium Leather
* The leather seating comes with a grass meeting that you can remove and fit back in, making it easy to clean
* This mat is waterproof, you can clean this pure leather with a damp cloth of water
*By applying this mat, your car remains clean and look are also good


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